I, Book Hoarder

So I may have purchased a few books on eBay recently…

A good friend of mine introduced me to the TV series recently – we only have three episodes left to watch but I’m enjoying it so much I just had to read the original source material!

I studied this many years ago now when I was in school, but I enjoyed it so much I figured I may as well get myself a copy! Of course, I picked this one because it has Jeremy Irons on the cover…

I picked this book up years ago, and I never got round to reading it, for shame. I realise I’m very late to be jumping on this bandwagon but since I’m in the process of creating a character who is the mother of a future dictator, I thought now would be a good time to try and read it again.

I purchased these four books from the eBay seller cmedia_group, as they were offering buy 1, get one 20% off, and prices were vastly reduced from the original RRP! This is only available for certain eligible books, though.

I’ll make a separate post about it soon, but my current reading interest is Ancient Rome, specifically the Roman Empire under Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. Although the Praetorian Guard was founded by Augustus, they helped to topple Caligula, Nero, and others – plus the cover is gorgeous. I’m a sucker for gorgeous and/or shiny book covers.

I purchased this book from the eBay seller wordery – they also have great savings on a wide selection of books. I should clarify I’m not being paid to promote particular sellers or anything, I’m just recommending them to my fellow book collectors as good places to shop. 🙂

The first official book pile of many…

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