Reading Resolutions

A new year, and a new decade. It feels like it’s been that long since I posted here!

Unfortunately, during my time at Moniack Mhor I received a phone call from the hospital with my scan results (the scan had happened after the hospital stay I mentioned in my last post) and since then various medical appointments – and work – have kept me busy and exhausted, hence the lack of posts on this blog. One of the ongoing issues I have is severe iron deficiency anemia, which means I am incredibly tired pretty much all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. I’m hoping to combat that and my other medical issues this year – but more importantly as far as this blog goes, I fully intend to get back into writing proper reviews. Last year I read just over one hundred and sixty books – I’m not going to try and beat that, but I do hope to write more reviews than I did last year.

That is a very apt segue into some reading resolutions I’ve made for myself, which are as follows:

. Do my best to keep this blog up to date, posting once a month or more.

. Don’t buy books I’m interested in, find other books to read in the meantime, then find when getting to the original books find my interest has waned. In other words – only buy books I plan to read soon.

. Perhaps the most important one – as of just now, my TBR is nineteen books long, and I know I have a bunch of other books I haven’t added to this which friends have recommended to me/I have been given as gifts/I’ve been challenged to read (‘Come At Me, Books!’ will make a triumphant return very soon, watch this space)!


Someone will need to hold me accountable for that last one.




My unread books looking at me when I return from the book shop like…

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