An actual review – in audio form!

I know, I can’t believe it either! It’s an old review of mine from this blog but it still counts, OK? OK.

Yorick Radio Productions is the brainchild of one of my dear friends, Rosie. Bringing listeners ‘radio plays, documentaries, short stories, and whatever else happened to float through our brains at the time’, the podcast features readings of short stories, interviews with their authors, documentary style episodes about different forms of theatre and loads more! With such a wide variety of topics and styles you’ll definitely find something to take your fancy – especially now the podcast’s on its second series, with over sixty episodes to choose from. That, and Rosie illustrates each episode on xer Instagram – @beechhedgewitch – and look, I’m an actual book wyrm!

I’ve worked with Yorick Radio Productions a number of times – I’ve read one of my short stories, lent my voice to a variety of characters in different scripts (from the Greek playwright Aeschylus to a Biblical angel) , and been interviewed about one of my favourite nerdy hobbies, Live Action Role Play (or LARP). Last week I was asked to kick off their latest segment, Cozy Critiques, and did so with a reading of my review of Normal People by Sally Rooney. It was such fun to actually read that review aloud, and I hope you all enjoy it too! Here’s a link to the episode on Buzzsprout, though Yorick Radio Productions can be found on your preferred podcast platform, from Audible to Spotify, Apple Podcasts to Castbox. Listen out for updates on Thursdays – and thanks again to Rosie for having me on the show once again!

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